2015 Mississippi PARCC 3-8 Math & Lang Arts Rankings by School

I have compiled the PARCC results for Mississippi in Language Arts and Mathematics for grades 3rd – 8th by school and ranked them by percent scoring in the top two levels.  Using the percent in the top two levels seems to be the preferred method of determining the percent scoring a “Proficient-type” score, which is the goal score range.  I thought some might be interested in having the assessment results broken down by school in this fashion.  I feel pretty confident in the data at this point, but please let me know if you spot any errors.

Simply click the link below to access the ranking report:

2015 Mississippi PARCC Rankings


Clint Stroupe

*These rankings are for informational purposes only.  Growth information is not available due to the fact this is the first and only time the PARCC assessments will be given in Mississippi.  Growth is by far more valuable information on determining whether learning took place and to what degree rather than end-of-year scores only which only tell us where students at a school “ended up” without knowledge of where they “began.”  However, such growth information is not and will not be available for the 2014-2015 Mississippi PARCC assessments.


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