Criminal Charges for Medical Professionals Openly Supporting Pro-Life Candidates?

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

-Sir John Dalberg-Acton (April 1887)

Has anyone seen the new law being proposed trying to silence medical and healthcare workers from having their voices heard politically?

The law up for consideration says registered nurses who choose to speak out against Obamacare or talk about any type of political activity whatsoever, including legislation having to do with abortion, euthanasia, or Medicare/Medicaid, funding for hospitals, or funding for research during the time of their shifts or in any way whatsoever on hospital property (even in the break room during lunch or on a bulletin board in the lounge) will be fined $10,000 for the first offense and charged with a misdemeanor!

If after the first CRIMINAL conviction, they still have not learned their lesson about keeping their mouths shut (even during breaks), the repeat offending nurse will be fined $10,000, have another misdemeanor criminal conviction, and permanently have his or her license to practice nursing revoked by the government! That’s right a pro-life discussion at the break table, a word to a coworker about how they do not agree with some new medical legislation, or any sort of political expression of thought, even during breaks using the nurse’s own phone, would result in criminal charges!

Unfortunately, you haven’t even heard the most extreme part yet! Under the new law doctors, hospital administrators, and those serving on the board of any medical facility will not even be able to speak out about any political issues mentioned above or any other political issues whatsoever that disagree with the government in any way! That’s right NOTHING political in any way that goes against whatever the government is proposing or wanting to do. Even at home, at church, or sitting around the table at a local restaurant, talking about political issues or taking a stand about what they believe is right politically would all be in violation! It does not matter whether it remotely has to do with healthcare or not. The law says that they will also be charged with a crime, fined, and lose their jobs and license to work in health care just as the professional nurses listed above if they AT ANY TIME WHATSOEVER publicly support or oppose ANY political party, let anyone openly know of their beliefs and stance on a philosophy or issue in an election, engage in ANY TYPE OF POLITICAL ACTIVITY to affect the outcome of any government activity, campaign on behalf of a specific candidate or issue, or attempt to lobby the the government for any type of policy changes!!!

Yes, that is right these citizens of the United States who will know more about what is actually occurring in our hospitals than anyone else will be charged criminally, lose their jobs, and on the second offense their license to ever get another job in the medical field again should they attempt to let us know their beliefs, thoughts, or feelings in relation to what the government might be doing for or against the health and welfare of its citizens!

Am I wrong, or is this an assault on the freedom of speech and seemingly an attempt by the government to silence its citizens and potentially keep the rest of us ignorant of anything our government might try to impose upon our healthcare system no matter how extreme??? Folks, if we let this happen to those providing our healthcare who will be next? Is the Constitution something these law makers are ready to literally rip to shreds? Who would have thought in our lifetime any elected official in the USA would have the nerve and lack of shame to openly write up such a law which goes against the very fabric and foundation of our democracy?

…..Okay, the situation outlined above is true with one exception; it has nothing to do with hospitals or health care. It is real and it’s a law that has been proposed this session by some in our state legislature. Just insert schools and any school property wherever hospitals are mentioned. Insert teachers or anyone else working for schools in place of the nurses mentioned. Then replace doctors, hospital administrators, and board members with school superintendents and school board members. Make those changes to refer to our education system instead of our healthcare system and you have the bill being proposed to be adopted as law in Mississippi. Yes, it is real. No, the description above about what will be a criminal offense and the penalties for such an offense is not being exaggerated to prove a point.

Simply click the link below to read the bill for yourself:

-Clint Stroupe


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