2016 & 2017 Mississippi ACT Composite Score Rankings by District and School

As part of our present Mississippi public school accountability model, the ACT assessment is given for free to all Mississippi 11th graders.  Most of us are very familiar with the ACT and know it to be a nationally recognized assessment of college readiness made up of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning sections.  These sections are scored individually and then used to form the overall ACT composite score.  The individual section scores are often used for decisions regarding whether or not students will require remediation classes when entering post-secondary institutions and whether students might be able to bypass certain normally required courses, based upon student performance.  The overall composite score is typically used for post-secondary acceptance decisions and scholarship awards.  All of that being said, I personally like looking at ACT scores due to the independence of ACT as a nationwide, non-profit company in comparison to traditional state contracted assessment providers.  ACT result averages of our Mississippi 11th graders in a given year can be extremely valuable when comparing them to other states who also assess all of their 11th grade students.

The following link will allow you to view how individual public schools in Mississippi compared to one another and the state average in regards to their average ACT composite scores for all Mississippi 11th graders in 2017:

2017 Mississippi 11th Grade ACT Comp Score Rankings by School

The above ACT rankings by school for the 2016-2017 school year can be compared to the results from the previous 2015-2016 class of 11th graders by clicking the following link:

2016 Mississippi 11th Grade ACT Comp Score Rankings by School

The same rankings can also be viewed by district below:

2017 Mississippi 11th Grade ACT Comp Score Rankings by District

2016 Mississippi 11th Grade ACT Comp Score Rankings by District

As always, I try to mention that these results give us a snapshot as to how only one cohort of Juniors at each school did one year and then another cohort did the next.  It is valuable, but not nearly as valuable as growth data from the same cohort tracked over time to assess growth.  However, the current system of assessing 11th graders using the ACT is not designed to assess such growth.  These important facts should be taken into account as we examine these results.

-Clint Stroupe



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