2016-17 Mississippi U.S. History Rankings by School & by District

In previous blog postings, I have bemoaned the fact that the Mississippi Department of Education does not or at least has not consistently released any data detailing the various components of the Mississippi public school accountability model by grade and school for the majority of items schools and districts earn points for in the current state accountability model.  Specifically, we currently have no available data available to view by school for the 2016-2017 school year on 5th Grade Science, 8th Grade Science, Biology I, Reading Growth by grade/subject, and Mathematics Growth by grade/subject.  This is in spite of the fact we are consistently given results by district and school with grade by grade breakdowns for overall achievement level (1-5) scores for 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA), 3-8 Mathematics, Algebra I, and English II in a well-publicized fashion.  As we can see below, none of the above mentioned categories we lack released itemized data for are available as of October 23, 2017.  This information is needed just as much, if not possibly more, than what is traditionally made available, and hopefully, it will be made available at some point.  This is discussed in greater detail in a previous blog post:  https://thinkingconservativeblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/25/mississippi-accountability-wheres-the-growth-or-science-or-history/


Oct 23 2017

However, with the complete listing of school and district accountability grades last week, we can easily figure at least one of the categories that has still not been released as an individual assessment result item:  U. S. History proficiency.  Since U. S. History proficiency’s category in the accountability model only comes from one assessment, as opposed to Science (5th Science, 8th Science, and/or Biology I), we can break it down accurately and fairly easily from the data released by the state on a school and district specific way.  The following two files show the rankings of Mississippi’s individual schools and school districts for the U. S. History SATP2 assessment for the 2016-17 school year.  As always, this information is merely put out for informative purposes with the goal that greater distribution and understanding of results will help to improve instruction.  If you make use of the data in this format, an acknowledgement of where the data came from would be greatly appreciated.

2016-17 U.S. History Proficiency Rankings by School

2016-17 U.S. History Proficiency Rankings by District


-Clint Stroupe


PDF Files of 2016-2017 Mississippi Accountability Results

The following are the district, elementary & middle schools (700 point schools), and attendance centers & high schools (1,000 point schools) breakdowns from the media file released by the Mississippi Department of Education today after being approved by the Mississippi Board of Education.  I thought it might be beneficial to have them in an easy to view PDF, especially for viewing on tablets and other devices.

2016-2017 School District Accountability Results

2016-2017 Elementary & Middle School Accountability Results

2016-2017 Schools with a 12th grade (Attendance Center & High School) Accountability Results


Clint Stroupe