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Excellent thoughts on the Biblical front by Adam Miller!

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May 6 – Mark 10-16

In our study today, we see two events that see completely contradictory. In Mark 11, we see Jesus entering Jerusalem from the east, riding on a donkey’s foal. He is welcomed by a crowd who are cutting down branches to lay in the road, and crying out “Hosanna! ‘BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!” This statement was a clear indicator that in Jesus, the mass of people gathered in Jerusalem for the feast of unleavened bread (Passover) saw a Savior, the Messiah Himself. The second event occurs in chapter 15, in the Praetorium, as Jesus stands before the governor Pilate. As Pilate offers to release Jesus without penalty, the priests stir up the crowd, and they begin to plead with Pilate to execute Jesus. Those haunting words ring out in unison: “Crucify Him!! Crucify Him!!” Where were the cries of…

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